How we started

Once upon a time in 2012, a former businesswomen and now stay-at-home mum, was trying her best to fill the long baby days. While trying to be the perfect mother, she visited lots of local baby classes to stimulate and entertain her baby, but as hard as she tried, she didn’t find anything that was quite right. However, one July day when the baby was sleeping, Emma also took a well deserved nap and had the most extraordinary dream that would change her and her son’s life forever.

It was here, that Bambini Lingo was born …

Our Vision

We want children from all backgrounds and nationalities to have an opportunity to utilise their “Magic Window’ for learning foreign languages.

Our Methodology

We immerse babies and young children in languages through a fun, musical and play-based environment.

The children are so enthralled with the experience, they don’t even realise they’re learning a language.

By Immersion we mean the entire session will be in the target language, we only use translation as a last resort.

For the language learning to be effective, its important that the contact with the language is frequent and consistent.

To help our parents continue the immersion method at home, we’ve created our own sing-a-long music albums, packed full of original contemporary songs. The music has now become an integral part of the Bambini Lingo experience and is available in English, French, Italian, Mandarin, German and Spanish.

Every class is a new Adventure!

We take the little ones on many adventures into the sounds, words and phrases of their new languages and they are kept very entertained by our engaging mascot TicToc and his magic trunk. TicToc is a very clever multilingual travel clock who’s been to every country in the world and is only too happy to share all his stories.

Our exciting classes are currently being held in Italian, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Mandarin and English. The languages offered varies depending on the location.

Our Signature Classes

Bambini Lingo Tinies – From Birth to Crawling

Bambini Lingo Explores – from Crawling to Upper 5’s

Bambini Lingo Masters  – from 6 years +

Meet Our Team

The Bambini Lingo advisory team consists of linguists, music specialists, early years education advisors and an online learning expert, not to mention the head office superstar Bianca, who holds everything together with her excellent organisational skills.

The team at Bambini Lingo are focused on continually innovating and developing the brand and its language learning products and programmes.

Emma Boardman-Magliocchetti

Founder And Creative Director

Emma suffers from monolingualism and is determined that her child and future generations will not suffer the same fate. She has surrounded herself with a brilliant team of industry experts who are ensuring her mission is accomplished.

Bianca Nicholson

Franchisee Relationship And Operations Manager

Born and raised in New Zealand, after a career in corporate business, Bianca moved to Mallorca and started a new life for herself and her family. The opportunity to work at Bambini Lingo has been phenomenal, allowing her to have a fun and dynamic work life, that fits neatly around her very busy family life. Having children that speak 3 languages she feels very passionately about children being able to learn new languages in that magic window of 0-6 years when it’s so easy for them to do so.

Gaby K. Slezák (M.A.)

Online Learning Advisor

Drawing on more than 25 years experience in the new media and internet industry as an Internet pioneer, Gaby is now a communication trainer and advisor for new learning technologies. Gaby is our in-house expert for online learning and instructional design and she’s helping us further develop our online franchisee training academy and our online portal for parent/child language learning resources. Gaby is a proud mother to her trilingual daughter.

Simone Rhodes

Co-Founder And Linguistic Expert

Simone is incredibly passionate about bringing languages to the early years. Unfortunately she missed the magic window with her own two children, so was thrilled to have the chance to work alongside Emma in the development of the Bambini Lingo programme.

Why Languages?

The young brain can absorb languages like a sponge and with frequent repetition and exposure.