Emma Boardman-Magliocchetti

Founder and Creative Director

Emma suffers from monolingualism and is determined that her child and future generations will not suffer the same fate. She has surrounded herself with a brilliant team of industry experts who are ensuring her mission is accomplished.

Bianca Nicholson

Franchisee relationship and operations manager

Born and raised in New Zealand, after a career in corporate business, Bianca moved to Mallorca and started a new life for herself and her family. The opportunity to work at Bambini Lingo has been phenomenal, allowing her to have a fun and dynamic work life, that fits neatly around her very busy family life. Having children that speak 3 languages she feels very passionate about children being able to learn new languages in that magic window of 0-6 years when it’s so easy for them to do so.  

Gaby K. Slezák (M.A.)

Online learning advisor

Drawing on more than 25 years experience in the new media and internet industry as an Internet pioneer, Gaby is now a communication trainer and advisor for new learning technologies. Gaby is our in-house expert for online learning and instructional design and she’s helping us further develop our online franchisee training academy and our online portal for parent/child language learning resources. Gaby is a proud mother to her trilingual daughter.

Simone Rhodes

Co-founder and Linguistic Expert

Simone is incredibly passionate about bringing languages to the early years. Unfortunately she missed the magic window with her own two children, so was thrilled to have the chance to work alongside Emma in the development of the Bambini Lingo programme.